DUCAs: Electro music. Synths and guitars.

My full name is Alexandros Ducas Kyrkos. I am a passionate professional musician and visual artist, guitarist, lute player and electronic music composer specializing in in live arrangement. I am performing with medieval, rock, afrogrooves and electro projects/bands. I was involved in the emerging of electronic music in the 90ties as VJ for well known bands like Quazar and Underworld.

DUCAs is a project that emerged during the lockdowns of COVID by the need of positive vibes in dark times. Since then it has evolved into a sensational  Electro Ambient Ethnic and Synthwave  crossover act. Live performances are characterized by their good vibes, and a seamless blend of live looping  synths, guitars and groove-boxes. The production methods ensure consistency between the live performance and the published tracks. To complement the music, I produce captivating visuals related to the music.