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What the world says about DUCAs

The magic of electronic music and the magic of Christmas in the same place! Fortunately, we will not have to imagine this fascinating combination since thanks to the ingenuity and creativity behind “DUCAS” we will be able to enjoy a Christmas track that recharges us with positive vibes with a new style, …

~ EndSessions

With such complex beatmaking, DUCAs undoubtedly ranks among the best instrumental artists of this era. With the fluctuations he gives to his chords, we can feel his incredible musical culture. He moves from very energetic parts to serene arrangements, while keeping musicality in the electronic sounds. “Splash” is undoubtedly a recommendable gem for people who like beats that move. …

~ Iggy Magazine

Dutch electronic composer DUCAs is following in the musical footsteps of his home city, producing gorgeous EDM/electro songs with a definitive edge. His latest release, Splash, really caught my attention, and I couldn’t wait to find out more about this awesome producer! Splash is a fantastic track, full of glorious synth lines and a beat that will get you up and dancing straight away! Find a full a stream at the end of our interview with DUCAs.

~ YorkCalling

Latest release:
Goodmorning Mama Nature

On May the 10th of 2024 my latest single will be released on all main streaming platforms.